Sports at Alpine Ice

Alpine Ice features a wide range if ice-based sports. From Figure Skating and Speed Skating to Ice Hockey - you can get lessons and join teams that are in it for fun or to be competitive.

  • Figure Skating
    Figure Skating
    Interested in learning to spin, jump, dance, or skate in pairs? How about taking up figure skating at Alpine? There's a range of choices and classes.
  • Speed Skating
    Speed Skating
    Looking for something a bit faster? Speed skating might just be the adrenaline rush you're looking for. It's also a great way to keep fit.
  • Ice Hockey
    Ice Hockey
    For those who want to take their ice skating to a whole new competitive level, Ice hockey is one of the fastest and meanest sports on the globe!

Learn to Skate at Alpine Ice

We offer programs for skaters of all ages and abilities. Check out our range of classes to develop confidence on the ice, or bring your skating skills to the next level.