Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about Alpine Ice

Do I need to book?
I'm a beginner, how do I skate?
Do you have something for kids to use?
Can I wear shoes on the ice?
Do you have Free Wi-Fi?
Can I take a pram/wheelchair on the ice?
Can I bring food to Alpine Ice?
I don't want to skate, do I have to pay to watch?
Do I have to arrive at the start of the session?
How old do you need to be to skate?
What if I don't own ice skates?
What is the smallest size skate available to hire?
What is the largest rental skate size?
How many pairs of hire skates are there?
Do you sell gift vouchers?
Do you sell ice skates?

Questions about the Ice Rink

How big is the ice surface and how thick is it?
What colour is the ice?
How heavy is the ice?
How long does it take to freeze the ice surface?
What do you have to do to look after the ice?
How fast does the Zamboni drive, and is it hard to drive?
How many people work at Alpine Ice?

Learn to Skate at Alpine Ice

We offer programs for adults, children, and skaters of any skill level to come and learn how to skate, or to take your skills to the next level.